february 1st

My America presents • LC #1128 •
Moving through the world free of physical pain and without the knowledge of future events which have already happened can be blissful, especially in weather such as this. I passed a building that just said “world peace” over and again but the building did not know how to speak. It lived next to an ATM machine and a fire hydrant. The concept of the world is probably a smaller concept than money and fire. When bad or unpleasant things happen it’s easy to internalize them but they are just the world breathing. Something can die and it doesn’t need to feel religious for humans to understand that it is just a function of the world continuing to exist and it is meaningful, not for what it means to the individual, but for the greater (“higher”) purpose of the world’s existence. This can, in turn, impact the individual human greatly and well it should. But it is not for or of the sole purpose of the individual or the individual’s experience, for those conceits are imaginary, or “fake news.” When buildings can talk, or when money can perform self-immolation, then we can have that conversation. But until then, the constructs are just that, and sipping your morning coffee is no different than the 1982 Hama Massacre.

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