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Vernon Howl presents


a short film


Table of Contents

sunset on frankford i//white cat behind a gate//fast-pitch softball pitcher warming up//at ikea i//giant ship in a parking lot//sunset on frankford ii//setting sun behind a metal fence//walking frank//at ikea ii



Wow, Lifecast™ is officially a year-old today. Happy first birthday, lifecast.info. I'm still mildly surprised that URL wasn't taken. Anyway, my plan for June 2014 onward is to go a different direction with the movies: make them longer, more thoughtful, stranger. So I'm setting up this donations page in case anyone wants to throw a bone my way. And by bone I mean, click the fetus directly below this text to donate 66 cents via PayPal. Thank you :-)

May 31st, 2014

sunset on frankford i//white cat behind a gate//fast-pitch softball pitcher warming up//at ikea i//giant ship in a parking lot//sunset on frankford ii//setting sun behind a metal fence//walking frank//at ikea ii

May 30th, 2014

the thing that holds the mirror//outside the pizza place i//spit again i//used car flags//outside the pizza place ii//spit again ii


MAY 2014: LINK->MAY 1: bus man i//pink ball kicking i//pei wei//bus man ii->rainy b-ball court//pinwheel of death over the eye of a native american i//foreboding skies//pink ball kicking ii//father and son playing catch//pinwheel of death over the eye of a native american ii /// LINK->MAY 2: accident scene i//bus lady//microchips//soccer flag//walking away from her car//accident scene ii//duckling sticker set /// LINK->MAY 3: at lowes again i//night convo i//at lowes again ii//sunflowers and outlet covers//night convo ii//pee panel /// LINK->MAY 4: ripping carpet//a curious breakfast i//convenience store sandwich shop//a curious breakfast ii->blue flame (ticktock) /// LINK->MAY 5: halls of the gym i//clippers vs okc i//morning washout//halls of the gym ii//treadmill//clippers vs okc ii /// LINK->MAY 6: my new bike (birthday)//cookies for the pups i//path paving//scenes from an italian restaurant//cookies for the pups ii /// LINK->MAY 7: crazy neighborhood dog i//another plane landing video i//pizza shop//rock-climbing bears i//crazy neighborhood dog ii//rock-climbing bears ii//another plane landing video ii//gym people moving gym things /// LINK->MAY 8: the mall i (escalator)//playground (a hungry hippo)//the mall ii (mallfolk)//dave matthews car rockin//target juice//the mall iii (pandora) /// LINK->MAY 9: billy joel i//bicycles passing//penn station bathroom i//billy joel ii//penn station drug store//penn station bathroom ii//nj transit lady ticket-taker//billy joel iii /// LINK->MAY 10: late-night train convo i//the bar the next night i//dunkin//weird ceiling structure//late-night train convo ii//the bar the next night ii//new view /// LINK->MAY 11: fishtown strolling i//at the thai place i//dunkin//fishtown strolling ii//at home with frank//at the thai place ii /// LINK->MAY 12: garbage chair->workmen//the path at sunset after a storm//frisbee with frank i//knee scrape//roto rooter man//frisbee with frank ii//dinner /// LINK->MAY 13: coffee mug//wheels rodeo i//where's the plane//watching barry lyndon on the stairmaster//wheels rodeo ii//lacrosse children /// LINK->MAY 14: outside the pizza place with people i//antiseptic mouth rinse i//still yet another plane//furniture shopping i//grocery store i//outside the pizza place with people ii//grocery store ii//furniture shopping ii//antiseptic mouth rinse ii /// LINK->MAY 15: school bus i//overcast transistor i//field of high grass//school bus ii//modern mansion//overcast transistor ii->street crossing//soccer kid in the street /// LINK->MAY 16: on 206 i//walking in the rain//on 206 ii//neighbors walking out to their car//on 206 iii//night console at red (880) /// LINK->MAY 17: approaching philadelphia//wacky race i//buttcam//2 people walking//wacky race ii//watching snl /// LINK->MAY 18: dead mouse i//driving on 95 i//red cluster bugs//dead mouse ii//driving on 95//night cops (accident ahead) /// LINK->MAY 19: caution children at play//watching a charles bukowski documentary on the stairmaster i//at the airport with frank//walking i (couple passing)//watching a charles bukowski documentary on the stairmaster ii//driving to philly at night//walking ii//frank licking an almond butter jar//driving to philly at night ii /// LINK->MAY 20: fortune cookie fortune equals fruit i//biking down a pretty path//garage organization i//computer things i//fortune cookie fortune equals fruit ii//cat carrying a dead animal//garage organization ii//computer things ii->fine art jpegs /// LINK->MAY 21: frank chilling on the ground in sea turtle pose i//eating sauerkraut//the ed show//spice rack panning//frank chilling on the ground in sea turtle pose ii//bananas /// LINK->MAY 22: check remember me i//parking lot zipper man//ween live in chicago i//*0003 (on hold) i//3 alieve//*0003 (on hold) ii//ween live in chicago ii//check remember me ii /// LINK->MAY 23: sitting at the bus stop with a bunch of cd's i//on the bus i//chinese tourists at a cemetary//p-rex i//sitting at the bus stop with a bunch of cd's ii//giant inflatable rat//p-rex ii//on the bus ii /// LINK->MAY 24: old destroyed art one (psych diorama) i//the uhaul rental place i//old destroyed art one (psych diorama) ii//old destroyed art two (lovecraft + grass) i//weird orange and black bug i//old destroyed art two (lovecraft + grass) ii//the uhaul rental place ii//weird orange and black bug ii /// LINK->MAY 25: moving day i//night view of a used car lot i//city skyline somewhere//cars (narrow pass) i//moving day ii//cars (narrow pass) ii//night view of a used car lot ii /// LINK->MAY 26: a friendly drunk i//beer garden i//hipsters dining i//a friendly drunk ii//night walk i//hipsters dining ii//beer garden ii//bathroom panoramic//a friendly drunk iii//night walk ii /// LINK->MAY 27: ascending i//bathroom e-cig hell i//cool kitchen selfie//bathroom e-cig hell ii//ascending ii (frank in bathroom)//cool kitchen selfie ii (sans self)//cbs sunday morning on laptop and tv /// LINK->MAY 28: lowes chronicles i//a parking lot//lowes chronicles ii//dishwasher//lowes chronicles iii /// LINK->MAY 29: chill-ass cigar man//philly dmv i//night walk i//antenna life i//philly dmv ii//on the corner//antenna life ii//night walk ii /// LINK->MAY 30: the thing that holds the mirror//outside the pizza place i//spit again i//used car flags//outside the pizza place ii//spit again ii /// LINK->MAY 31: sunset on frankford i//white cat behind a gate//fast-pitch softball pitcher warming up//at ikea i//giant ship in a parking lot//sunset on frankford ii//setting sun behind a metal fence//walking frank//at ikea ii ///APR 2014: LINK->APRIL 1: couple walking->dog disaster i//man walking small white dog//basketball at dusk i//pretty field at sunset//busted flip phone//dog disaster ii//basketball at dusk ii /// LINK->APRIL 2: intersection waiting i//helicopter->lady in yard i//intersection waiting ii//panera bread man->walking//lady in yard ii->birds//mother and child and bike//catholic church//asian teen gang /// LINK->APRIL 3: sun friend//steps erosion i//sink spit//baseball instant replay//steps erosion ii /// LINK->APRIL 4: helicopter in the distance i//kicking a yellow ball i//schoolbus//crow on a transistor i//helicopter in the distance ii//exxon's rusty beams//crow on a transistor ii//kicking a yellow ball ii /// LINK->APRIL 5: burger king i//spring pond i//late train runners i//campus//spring pond ii//late train runners ii//bar scene with e-cig /// LINK->APRIL 6: philly mural i//bridge over troubled water i//street yoga//bar closeout//philly mural ii//ufo from a train//bridge over troubled water ii//song flowing from an open door /// LINK->APRIL 7: parked truck and water tower (trouble) i//wandering maintenance men//walking on broken glass->perils of the road//under an umbrella//parked truck and water tower (trouble) ii//leaving the gym (hood up)//the national championship /// LINK->APRIL 8: parked cop i//junk in boxes i//note from the future (000374)//parked cop ii//birdfeeder//junk in boxes ii (vhs ed.)//the sun->biker /// LINK->APRIL 9: cuervo woods hunt i//dogwalker//newspapers (2 blue and a red)//glove on a stick i//small plane and day moon i//man stealing from junk in boxes->shadow//small plane and day moon ii->the road//cuervo woods hunt ii//glove on a stick ii /// LINK->APRIL 10: surveyor lot man i//frank in dark room i//strip mall i//cat and pup stickers//surveyor lot man ii//helicopter//frank in a dark room i/strip mall ii /// LINK->APRIL 11: cop scene with wheels man i//road work 500 ft//car carrier man i//landscapers//car carrier man ii//cop scene with wheels man ii /// LINK->APRIL 12: solitary goose//small plane landing i//don't you forget about me i//dog haircut//small plane landing ii//penn station bro convo//don't you forget about me ii//fontana's bathroom//watching pixies live at coachella on an ipad on a train /// LINK->APRIL 13: vaguely racist bathroom mural//the inlet->escape ladder #1 i//buying lettuce i//vultures circling over a dilapidated building//car backs out->setting sun//buying lettuce ii//escape ladder #1 ii->frank enjoying the view /// LINK->APRIL 14: water tower lady picking up trash//reading reality hunger at the gym i//basketball court//helicopter//security cams//reading reality hunger at the gym ii//chasing a pretty blackbird out of a tree /// LINK->APRIL 15: blue ball i//dead bird//syfy show i//containment collar warning signs i//blue ball ii//vine tree//containment collar warning signs ii//syfy show i /// LINK->APRIL 16: the dogs at night i//red hot chili peppers and highway sky i//smashed squirrel i//frank holding frisbee//red hot chili peppers and highway sky ii//the dogs at night ii//smashed squirrel ii /// LINK->APRIL 17: morning sun and trees i//brother contrails//morning sun and trees ii//irulu tablet demo i//the light shop (american)->the car shop (american) i//obama reduces (fingers)//irulu tablet demo ii//the car shop (american) ii /// LINK->APRIL 18: streetsweeper i//martini and e-cigs->lcd doc i//walking on a busy road at sunset i//weedwacker//coffee at bk//walking on a busy road at sunset ii//gas to gas man//streetsweeper ii//lcd doc ii /// LINK->APRIL 19: dc walkabout i//kota ground roll and frank frisbee sesh i//animal party i//dc walkabout ii//easter eve (salmon and tiki torch)//animal party ii//kota ground roll and frank frisbee sesh ii /// LINK->APRIL 20: driving (the sky) i//dc starbucks//headless chocolate bunny i//roof dog (where are you?)//driving (the sky) ii//headless chocolate bunny ii /// LINK->APRIL 21: cop party i//mega-contrail//beautiful sunset in the park->shadow grass//jogger//dog in a skate-park//cop party ii//plane flying into the sun /// LINK->APRIL 22: lady walking with ski poles i//vulture flying with a purpose//entering bathroom//lady walking with ski poles ii//old wall flush i//big trash//lady bench convo//old wall flush ii /// LINK->APRIL 23: children playing i//scared robin and a jogger//looking at my picture book on kindle i//children playing ii//bottomless trash can//bridge view i//looking at my picture book on kindle ii//lawnmower//bridge view ii->crushed coors light can//white plastic (in the wind) /// LINK->APRIL 24: guy in a truck i//rusty barbwire//dogwalker//deer i//guy in a truck ii//frank sleeping on my knee with a tennis ball wedged up against the couch//deer ii /// LINK->APRIL 25: elevator folk//lowes i (concrete)//dead spider->hospital bathroom//low plane->man//hospital bathroom ii->deodorizing spray//panda licorice//lowes ii (reentry) /// LINK->APRIL 26: koala bear kare//going into the garage//jesus->chandelier//navy taps /// LINK->APRIL 27: walking to the window->guest room view i//carpeted stairs i//piece of plastic (art)//guest room view ii//carpeted stairs ii->landing i//deck trash->sky//landing ii /// LINK->APRIL 28: vulture->plane i//2 shitty boats//scary basement i//watching lolita outside on my irulu//workers//scary basement ii//small plane coming in//plane ii /// LINK->APRIL 29: a dead baby mole//human and dog//a bunch of steel pipes//waiting for the bus with a new-found friend//adam silver drops the hammer /// LINK->APRIL 30: water tower i//river of street i//getting pizza//weird black feather and bungee//water tower ii//river of street ii//watching adventure time on the bus ///MAR 2014: LINK->MARCH 1: outside a philly wawa i//dropping the rent check off i//white chinese food cooks//dropping the rent check off i//deep winter lake->traffic//outside a philly wawa ii//down branch /// LINK->MARCH 2: purple-headed bird party i//yard chickens//dome i//door stopper//purple-headed bird party ii//orange building through the forest//2 pirate brats//dome ii /// LINK->MARCH 3: downed branches i//sink ant i//bruce covers lorde i//downed branches ii//boots->frank//sink ant ii//bruce covers lorder ii /// LINK->MARCH 4: big block of dirty snow//gas station and bus stop i//gym lady//orange night i//gas station and bus stop ii->cop//orange night ii /// LINK->MARCH 5: snow squirrel i//the dukes of september i//hot green and orange (in snow)//snow squirrel ii//car wash kids i//the dukes of september ii//car wash kids ii /// LINK->MARCH 6: discarded fruit of the loom underpants on the side of the road//street birds i//new gym-o-vision i//fireball whiskey//new gym-o-vision ii//street birds ii//hanging clothes /// LINK->MARCH 7: squirrel fried on a wire//car carrier truck i//copying files i//tiny brick home//krauszer's (entering)//car carrier truck ii//tiny brick home ii//copying files ii//a boob job and an alleycat /// LINK->MARCH 8: little things from trees i//stop sign->streetlight//red ceiling spider i//little things from trees ii//snowy playground->lost dog ($1,500 reward) i//brown bag anaconda//lost dog ($1,500 reward) ii//red ceiling spider ii /// LINK->MARCH 9: wawa gas getter i//porta i//wawa gas getter ii//porta ii//bocce ball//a beautiful sunset over taco bell /// LINK->MARCH 10: strip mall i//dog and owner i//the exxon ruins (sunset)//dog and owner ii//strip mall ii//hair//sunset beyond the trees /// LINK->MARCH 11: black and orange fire truck i//whistling neighbor boy i//neighborhood street ghosts//contrails and plane i//night lights//black and orange fire truck ii//contrails and plane ii//whistling neighbor boy ii /// LINK->MARCH 12: kid crosses the street->greenlight//brakelights in the rain i//bald guy working out//candle and shower i//brakelights in the rain ii /// LINK->MARCH 13: sunoco (sunny day)//lucy's i//static streetlight i//mints and jolly ranchers//lucy's ii//static streetlight ii /// LINK->MARCH 14: lawn chickens->i am still driving i//a/c unit and park view->apple-eating i//the light shop->car junk//apple-eating ii//i am still driving ii->bike boy//pizza place bill pay//invisible dog->room tilt /// LINK->MARCH 15: slow old lady grocery shop entrance i//jet fuel (not ready) i// old man->walking into the liquor store//slow old lady grocery shop entrance ii//beautiful night sky and overhead light reflection//jet fuel (not ready) ii//pinwheel eyeball//air freshener//jet fuel (not ready) ii /// LINK->MARCH 16: picking up sticks i//the doors live//michael jackson slot machine//picking up sticks ii//casino piss /// LINK->MARCH 17: drunken bathroom nightvision i//atlantic city snow day//bill maher i//the heat (honeywell)//drunken bathroom nightvision ii//bill maher ii /// LINK->MARCH 18: the blue and the birds i//junk food browsing i//toilet paper nation//sunset lot walker//the blue and the birds ii//sunset light hit//junk food browsing ii /// LINK->MARCH 19: frank frisbee session i (with pee)//loose change//lucy's again i//frank frisbee session ii//late winter dusk lake drive i//lucy's again ii//late winter dusk lake drive ii//ultra meta /// LINK->MARCH 20: toilet flush//frank by the road i//living room scan->march madness i//exit towards sunset (high speed)//frank by the road ii//exit towards sunset (high speed) i//sink ant//march madness ii /// LINK->MARCH 21: letting the big truck turn i//the wine isle//movie theater lobby i//letting the big truck turn ii//living room scan//toothbrush//movie theater lobby ii /// LINK->MARCH 22: house under construction i//jogging shadow i//wood in wire//house under construction ii//stream//jogging shadow ii /// LINK->MARCH 23: plane landing i//water tower//funky-ass tree stump i//biker chicks//funky-ass tree stump ii//the bus//plane landing ii /// LINK->MARCH 24: true terrorists i//soap dispenser i//the gym//tue terrorists ii//airport sunset i//soap dispenser ii (wall smear)//airport sunset ii /// LINK->MARCH 25: construction truck backup i//frank licking himself in the sun//doing a blog//construction truck backup ii//ladies walking with bags//construction truck backup iii /// LINK->MARCH 26: virtual reality treadmill forest run i//airport runway and radio//gym walk i//virtual reality treadmill forest run ii//candy wrapper and water//gym walk ii /// LINK->MARCH 27: strange morning spotlight//working men in a parking lot i//pink thing in a garden//coors can->frank//working men in a parking lot->frank goes to the park//sun trees//hangy ball /// LINK->MARCH 28: cooking an egg->to put over this thing in the microwave//exxon ruins//parking lot//vegan food//inside of my car//birds in the sky//wool hat hanging from a tree branch->path//internet basketball game on tv /// LINK->MARCH 29: at the bank//joey canal's discount liquor outlet i//frank night pee i//blue fire oven range//dunkin//joey canal's discount liquor outlet ii//michael jackson cirque du soleil in trenton//frank night pee ii /// LINK->MARCH 30: liberty science center primates i//big turtle//rainy day lexus man i//big cube hanging->bathroom//turtle->fish//the liberty park diner//liberty science center primates ii//rainy day lexus man ii//working out /// LINK->MARCH 31: a walk by the woods//mulchers//burger king blackout//sunset stoppage//a walk by the woods->fried squirrel//the bus ///FEB 2014: LINK->FEBRUARY 1: elevator i//at ru-houston bball i//mri changing room->attention female patients//frank i//elevator ii//at ru-houston bball ii//chasing a crescent moon//frank ii//smoke alarm /// LINK->FEBRUARY 2: sweet and savory vegan breakfast//brick bathroom i//the streets of philadelphia//bathroom pelican//bathroom bricks ii->interesting mirror//internet birds//richard sherman and the post super bowl celebration//bathroom plant /// LINK->FEBRUARY 3: looking for snow birds i//fingers candle block i//looking for snow birds ii//fingers candle block ii->andrew zimmern//snow alley//getting a glass of water//looking for snow birds ii//taking pills//tall snowy trees /// LINK->FEBRUARY 4: behind a coca-cola truck//happy muffin snapchats i//night drive i//raisins//snow drive (sky)//happy muffin snapchats ii//night drive ii//beautiful moon /// LINK->FEBRUARY 5: notebook shower time//produce aisle i//names for heroin->reporter lady i//ortho office//grocery store checkout i//produce aisle ii//ortho waiting room ceiling->waiting room guy//grocery store checkout i//reporter lady ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 6: rearviewmirror//frank pooping in the snow i//garth brooks serenading jay leno on the occasion of his final show i//sunset clouds//traffic driving (scream mask in window of a pseg van)//frank pooping in the snow ii//garth brooks serenading jay leno on the occasion of his final show ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 7: big trucks i//tree men traffic guy i//late xmas lights//big trucks ii//tree man up high//icy steps->icy side i//the night//tree men traffic guy ii//icy side ii->icy gutter /// LINK->FEBRUARY 8: birdhouse out my window i//walking at night//curling commercial i//birdhouse out my window ii//eating nuts i//curling commercial ii//down branches in the snow->newspaper//eating nuts ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 9: bathroom potpourri->electrical panel//mini painting i//supermarket sunday i//bathroom plant and aerosol can//house below a plane->construction sign buried in snow//mini painting ii//supermarket sunday ii//bananas (old and new) /// LINK->FEBRUARY 10: winter's tale ad i//winter's blue sky (driving) i//broken-down car//frank on the floor->jeopardy i//winter's tale ad ii//dusk->one way//winter's blue sky (driving) ii//jeopardy ii//hanging candle /// LINK->FEBRUARY 11: eddie//excavator on the road//gym thing i//tiny garbage truck i//dry-erase markers->scotch tape i//2 ladies walking//scotch tape ii//tv-face//tiny garbage truck ii//gym thing ii (enjoy your workout)//meet joe black /// LINK->FEBRUARY 12: snow drive//russian figure skaters//blurry night drive//copper 1//tyler live youtube i//cop 2//walking frank at night//construction site//tyler live youtube ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 13: snow jays i//making art//upside down kitchen blackout//frank's bone->office i//snow jays ii//office ii->duct tape mic->neighbor's//11:20 (papa john lurking) /// LINK->FEBRUARY 14: frank sleeping by the door i//parking lot night sky//neighbor snow i//gym lady (grey ponytail)//water overflowing a pill bottle//frank sleeping by the door ii//neighbor snow ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 15: treebirds i//snow road (at night) i//frank struggling on snow//orange tape over fallen branches i//treebirds ii//snow road (at night) ii//telephone pole//orange tape over fallen branches ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 16: usa olympic hockey i//cleaning ice and snow off my car i//usa olympic hockey ii//2 guys unloading a van i//cleaning ice and snow off my car ii//2 guys unloading a van ii//bird wallpaper trim//suv /// LINK->FEBRUARY 17: frank in cat ball i//ambulance at red light i//hand soap dispenser//rebuilding a destroyed exxon i//assholes at 364//ambulance at red light ii//trees//frank in cat ball ii//assholes at 384//snow drain//rebuilding a destroyed exxon ii//screensaver /// LINK->FEBRUARY 18: gym scene i//green glow trashcan (the gatsby can)//snowy water tower i//sunset office park i//figure skating (twizzle)//schoolbus//snowy water tower ii//gym scene ii//sunset office park ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 19: frank struggling to walk in the snow i//krauszer's snack selection i//geese formation over powerlines i//frank struggling to walk in the snow ii//krauszer's snack selection ii//geese formation over powerlines ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 20: grocery store i//strip mall courtyard//snowy airport at dusk i//blue salt//grocery store ii//strip mall courtyard ii//protiein shake//watching womens olympic hockey on the internet//snowy airport at dusk ii//dusk geese /// LINK->FEBRUARY 21: wet traffic sunset i//outside the gym i//piss flush//frank on the couch i//wet traffic sunset ii//the tonight show//outside the gym ii//frank on the couch ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 22: watching a movie on my laptop i//tess chewing on a bone//bottle king i//new construction i//watching a movie on my laptop ii//bottle king ii//mini air mattress//new construction ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 23: frank walking himself//snow raft i//sunoco afternoon i//true detective//snow raft ii//hashtag netflix//sunoco afternoon ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 24: podcast dresser//unshoveled asshole sidewalk i//sunoco i//unshoveled asshole sidewalk ii//airport at night//shitty abstract painting//sunoco ii (gas man) /// LINK->FEBRUARY 25: another beautiful sky i//entering the grocery store//two ants in my sink i//lady checking out//another beautiful sky ii//two ants in my sink ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 26: bathroom view (pan out) i//the light shop//superfan pix gallery i//beyond the fiery gate i//bathroom view (pan out) ii//green water cup//superfan pix gallery ii//beyond the fiery gate ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 27: neighbor taking out the trash//reading lunar park on a kindle i//bathroom mirror fun i//arthur chu//bathroom mirror fun ii//reading lunar park on a kindle ii /// LINK->FEBRUARY 28: dash//new coffee i//the dog poop shuffle i//yet another winter's night (y.a.w.n.) i//new coffee ii//meat i don't eat i//the dog poop shuffle ii//olive life//yet another winter's night (y.a.w.n.) ii//meat i don't eat ii//new coffee iii ///JAN 2014: LINK->JANUARY 1: sink and soap dispenser i//vitamins, mustard and seltzer i//backyard bunny i//dead squirrel i//no skating i//lost baby doll i//vitamins, mustard and seltzer ii//sink and soap dispenser ii//no skating ii (lake)//backyard bunny ii//dead squirrel ii//lost baby doll ii//sink and soap dispenser iii//lost baby doll ii//no skating iii//backyard bunny iii /// LINK->JANUARY 2: driving by trees i//spraying air freshener into piss i//frank sleeping i//smile muscles i//driving by trees ii//nightwatch window i//frank sleeping ii//smile muscles ii//driving by trees iii (person)//nightwatch window ii//spraying air freshener into piss ii//frank sleeping iii//smile muscles iii//nightwatch window iii /// LINK->JANUARY 3: frank chilling on couch i//rite aid valentine's-themed stuffed animal section i//frank chilling on couch ii//the kitchen//install osx (37 to 38) i//frank playing in snow i//day driving i//night driving i//install osx (37 to 38) ii//rite aid valentine's-themed stuffed animal section ii//frank playing in snow ii//rite aid valentine's-themed stuffed animal section iii//day driving ii//install osx (37 to 38) iii//frank playing in snow ii//night driving ii//install osx (37 to 38) iv//frank chilling on couch iii//night driving iii//rite aid valentine's-themed stuffed animal section iv /// LINK->JANUARY 4: setting sun and snow i//2 turkeys i//small plane coming in i//kc fieldgoal at the gym i//airport beauty i//exxon sunset i//setting sun and snow ii//kc fieldgoal at the gym ii//airport beauty ii//2 turkeys ii//small plane coming in ii//walking frank in snow//small plane coming in iii//kc fieldgoal at the gym iii//small plane coming in iv//kc fieldgoal at the gym iv//airport beauty iii//exxon sunset ii->moon//2 turkeys iii /// LINK->JANUARY 5: non-redbird i//frame spider i//icicles and snowy beach chairs i//non-redbird ii//frame spider ii//icicles and snowy beach chairs ii//shower scene i//frame spider ii//non-redbird iii->window snuggles//redbird i//shower scene ii (icicles and snowy beach chairs sideview)//redbird ii//icicles and snowy beach chairs iii /// LINK->JANUARY 6: whitish trees i//steam day i//whitish trees ii//rain man i//traffic at night i//steam day ii//pink sky i//same 2 turkeys (at a car dealership) i//whitish trees iii//plane landing again i//traffic at night ii//same 2 turkeys (at a car dealership) ii//rain man ii//plane landing again ii//traffic at night iii//pink sky ii /// LINK->JANUARY 7: morning sun freezing i//a man enters the building i//morning sun freezing ii//fake fire i//toothbrush i//night step i//dirty dishes i//toothbrush ii//a man enters the building ii//night step ii//dirty dishes ii//morning sun freezing ii//fake fire ii//dirty dishes iii /// LINK->JANUARY 8: blue rubber glove i//contrails i//water tower morning i//intersection at night//blue rubber glove ii//contrails ii->the road//ice melting out of blue i//yet another small plane i//ice melting out of blue ii//xmas lights i//water tower morning ii//yet another small plane ii//ice melting out of blue iii//xmas lights ii /// LINK->JANUARY 9: spiky acorn thing i//red fabric dot//sidewalk tractor i//adult wearing a panda hat i//spiky acorn thing ii->morning sun//cigarrette i//sidewalk tractor ii//adult wearing a panda hat ii//cigarrette ii//sidewalk tractor iii /// LINK->JANUARY 10: winter strip mall crows i//the light store i//footprints in store i//winter strip mall crows ii//misty cars at night i//footprints in store ii//misty cars at night ii//footprints in store iii//the light store ii//misty cars at night iii//foggy hill /// LINK->JANUARY 11: supermarket super bowl video i//at the knicks-sixers game i//the cure insurance club i//stinkbug i//bathroom stall graffiti i//supermarket super bowl video ii//stinkbug ii//the cure insurance club ii//bathroom stall graffiti ii//the cure insurance club iii//at the knicks-sixers game ii//stinkbug iii /// LINK->JANUARY 12: ted, ripped in two at fenway park//times square i//frank licking sunflower seed butter jar i//the eugene o'neill theatre//frank licking sunflower seed butter jar ii//girls season three premiere i//times square ii//broadway bathroom i//frank licking sunflower seed butter jar iii//broadway bathroom ii//girls season three premiere ii /// LINK->JANUARY 13: homemade coffee filtration i//fire with friends i//the glove again//homemade coffee filtration ii//heavy breath moon i//geese i//deer corpse i//the rocks i//geese ii//the rocks i//heavy breath moon ii//the rocks ii//fire with friends ii /// LINK->JANUARY 14: friends walking toward a strip mall i//frank in the night i//gok (telephone pole)//the before i//friends walking toward a strip mall ii//desk stretches i//the before ii//night cars i//frank in the night ii//desk stretches ii//night cars ii//frank in the night iii /// LINK->JANUARY 15: foggy trees i//lone goose//white paint street explosion->passing cars//camper i//foggy trees ii//foggy street i->someone's house//camper ii//naked pizza//foggy street ii->dead deer /// LINK->JANUARY 16: rogue shopping cart i//leaky green fire hydrant i//overcast wires and streetlight i//approaching the ambulance i//rogue shopping cart ii->old glory//leaky green fire hydrant ii//overcast wires and streetlight ii//approaching the ambulance ii//leaky green fire hydrant iii//two ladies smoking on an xmas-lit front porch /// LINK->JANUARY 17: steam exhaust i//tree ripe juice-o-meter//youtube broadcast spam i//frisbee with frank i//lights on//youtube broadcast spam ii//the main drag i//frisbee with frank ii//steam exhaust ii//youtube broadcast spam iii//the main drag ii /// LINK->JANUARY 18: snow is falling i//sun flamingo//yards//sun behind the trees//snow is falling ii//red leather curb couch i//birdfeeder//red leather curb couch ii /// LINK->JANUARY 19: s-words i//sleepy frank i//porcelain windmill//fake roses//frank->behind the candleabra i//s-words ii->r-words//fixing a wireless printer//behing the candleabra ii->xmas wreath//sleepy frank ii /// LINK->JANUARY 20: stone bridge//rogue golf cart i//soup i//love it or list it i//rogue golf cart ii//songwriting->walrus hat//toenail clipping//soup ii//love it or list it ii//stinkbug->toilet /// LINK->JANUARY 21: snowman//frisbee with frank in the snowy night i//snowfall through screen//banana peel i//audi transport i//snow driving//audi transport ii//frisbee with frank in the snowy night ii//banana peel ii//frisbee with frank in the snowy night iii /// LINK->JANUARY 22: fogged window i//exiting the gym i//taking pills i//fogged window ii->one way//bk//tour of my bathroom i//coywolf i->kota entering kitchen//exiting the gym ii//tour of my bathroom ii (12 mega rolls = 36)//coywolf ii//taking pills ii /// LINK->JANUARY 23: sweet potato heart i//the setting sun i//songwriting i//sweet potato heart ii//kota eating//hashtag wewillalwayssupportyoujustin i//the setting sun ii//songwriting ii//hashtag wewillalwayssupportyoujustin ii//doctor joke /// LINK->JANUARY 24: snow trees//melo's 62 i//white parking lot//setting sun over snow i//kota sleeping i//the high beams//setting sun over snow ii//kota sleeping ii->frank sleeping//melo's 62 ii /// LINK->JANUARY 25: forbidden trees i//fish n chips->ru-uconn bball//bungee cords and shoelaces i//cover band i//church//bungee cords and shoelaces ii->dog treats//kota and frank in snow i//icicles//urinal//kota and frank in snow ii//cover band i//forbidden trees ii /// LINK->JANUARY 26: morning sun i//ringo starr i//pouring out water//pan soak i//ringo starr ii//frank sleeping//morning sun ii//pan soak ii (pan out) /// LINK->JANUARY 27: winter driving//night road emergency i//gluten-free cookies i//backdoor icicles//cooper owl truck//night road emergency ii//house hunters international (the best couch in the world)//gluten-free cookies ii//bathroom /// LINK->JANUARY 28: outdoor view i//triple d//frozen vegetables on my knee i//kota watching frank eat//greenlight//outdoor view ii//frozen vegetables on my knee ii /// LINK->JANUARY 29: orthopedic waiting room//coffee table i//stinkbug on my floor i//beer soap//stinkbug on my floor ii//coffee table ii->the daily show//orthopedics office /// LINK->JANUARY 30: cooking lunch i//hall and oates record (decoration)->bureau trinkets i//tree men i//cool sky at night i//my and stuart smalley//cool sky at night ii (2nd view)//bureau trinkets ii//cooking lunch ii//cool sky at night iii (2nd view)//tree men ii /// LINK->JANUARY 31: meta (editing) i//bathroom bulbs (one's gone)//fridge chips i//true detective i//meta (editing) ii//green cup and napking->sleepy frank i//true detective ii//spitting mouthwash//sleepy frank ii//fridge chips ii ///DEC 2013: LINK->DECEMBER 1: frank dreaming i//neighbor entering house//neighbor stringing christmas lights//neighbor dog i//curb cat i//neighbor dog ii//curb cat ii//the walking dead->match lighting//frank dreaming ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 2: motorcyclist i//gif view i//my closet i//stadium at night i//gif view ii//my closet ii//motorcyclist ii//gif view iii//stadium at night ii//my closet iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 3: construction stop sign holder i//tar stains//headlamp crosswalk//old lady throwing a stick at a tree//construction stop sign holder ii//a pretty good tweet//fancy high school at night//frozen andrew zimmern /// LINK->DECEMBER 4: hard hat man i//lady cyclist in crosswalk at night//washing hands i//hard hat man ii//washing hands ii//night cars//cooking dinner i//washing hands iii//cooking dinner ii//washing hands iv /// LINK->DECEMBER 5: fog pumpkin//foggy path i//geese i//honda dealership//fog tresspassing//rite aid junk i//giant brown puddle//fog tresspassing//rite aid junk ii//geese ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 6: school buses i//north star bathroom i//moistboyz i//north star bathroom ii//red prickers i//moistboyz ii//school buses ii//red prickers ii//moistboyz iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 7: kota, frank and wags i//bathroom scene i//portapotty spying//kota, frank and wags ii//bathroom scene ii//kota, frank and wags iii//at the ru-usf game /// LINK->DECEMBER 8: curb chair//shark river inlet i//frank, kota and wags in the snow i//tattered flag in the wind i//smashed pumpkin//tattered flag in the wind ii//frank, kota and wags in the snow ii//guy's grocery games i//frank, kota and wags in the snow iii//guy's grocery games ii//shark river inlet ii//guy's grocery games iii//tattered flag in the wind iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 9: dave and buster's water i//walking on a busy road at night i//pickle eating i//walking on a busy road at night ii//dave and buster's water ii//pickle eating ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 10: snow out my window i//tricky truck turn (in snow) i//snow driving i//guy and his truck i//tricky truck turn (in snow) ii//guy and his truck ii//snow driving ii//movie theatre scene i//toilet//movie theatre scene ii//snow driving iii//snow out my window ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 11: air bag warning//driving past i (a man)//coming home at night//money guy on the stairmaster tv i//driving past ii (2 ladies)//money guy on the stairmaster tv i//driving past iii//valley oil//driving past iv (man on bike) /// LINK->DECEMBER 12: waiting for green i//frank at night i//big fallen branch i//office nightvision i//big fallen branch ii//waiting for green ii//frank at night ii//scooterin'//office nightvision ii->key grab /// LINK->DECEMBER 13: nyc skyline i//jersey city sunset i//nyc skyline ii//watching the cowboys blow it i//jersey city sunset ii//watching the cowboys blow it ii//the statue of liberty hidden in the distance i//walking frank i//the statue of liberty hidden in the distance ii//watching the cowboys blow it iii//jersey city sunset iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 14: bird i//snowy backyard i//xmas tree skirt and frank//snowy backyard ii//at dunkin i//eating a grape i//at dunkin ii//snowy backyard ii//frank playing frisbee outside snack shack//eating a grape ii//at dunkin iii//bird ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 15: nyc skyline i//jersey city sunset i//nyc skyline ii//watching the cowboys blow it i//jersey city sunset ii//watching the cowboys blow it ii//the statue of liberty hidden in the distance i//walking frank i//the statue of liberty hidden in the distance ii//watching the cowboys blow it iii//jersey city sunset iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 16: fedex truck at night//chinese eye-massaging super googles i//(unpacking) chinese eye-massaging super goggles i//glare driving i//(unpacking) chinese eye-massaging super googles ii//chinese eye-massaging super googles ii//glare driving ii//driving at night /// LINK->DECEMBER 17: eggshell with coffe grinds (trash) i//(walking towards) frank on the couch i//frank in the snow i//frank on the couch ii//frank in the snow ii//eggshell with coffe grinds (trash) ii//neighbors at night//youtube commercial i//frank on the couch iii//eggshell with coffe grinds (trash) iii//youtube commercial ii//frank in the snow iii//youtube commercial iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 18: morning sun on the snow i//street at night i//show nuts i//morning sun on the snow ii//show nuts ii//free the wires from the trees i//wine, twitter, bball i->show nuts iii//cars passing in the night//street at night ii//free the wires from the trees ii//wine, twitter, bball ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 19: snowy woods i//man on cell i//snowy woods ii (blue stick and caution rip)//trees i//pedal sink i//discarded snow game i//trees ii->car pass//discarded snow game ii//pedal sink ii->old school urinals//man on cell ii//trees iii//man on cell iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 20: waking up i//space jam i//setting sun i//grocery store checkout line i//space jam ii//pink and purple sky i//waking up ii//setting sun ii//space jam iii//neighbor cat i//setting sun iii//grocery store checkout line ii//the woods /// LINK->DECEMBER 21: caffe latte bathroom sign i//the atlantic ocean i//caffe latte bathroom sign ii->toilet paper//wawa urinal//dogs and fam on beach i//wawa bathroom graffiti//asbury boardwalk sunset i//emory street i//asbury boardwalk sunset ii//dogs and fam on beach ii//emory street ii//the atlantic ocean//dogs and fam on beach ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 22: gloomy asbury morn i//xmas lights i//gloomy asbury morn ii//peace sign and plant man i//little lighthouse i//light goes off//xmas lights ii//little lighthouse ii//xmas lights iii//peace sign and plant man ii//gloomy asbury morn iii//xmas lights iv /// LINK->DECEMBER 23: view from a window i//the wags at the saint i//view from a window ii//the wags at the saint ii//rain-soaked boardwalk i//orange conversion van i//the wags at the saint iii//rain-soaked boardwalk ii//orange conversion van ii//view from a window iii//rain-soaked boardwalk iii//the wags at the saint iv /// LINK->DECEMBER 24: green can litter//yulelog projection i//running through the casino i//frank and tess i//tall building//yulelog projection ii//running through the casino ii//bus stop//running through the casino iii//yulelog projection iii//running through the casino iv//tess and frank ii//running through the casino v//tess and frank iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 25: love actually i//xmas bball i//love actually ii//stroll through the casino i//xmas bball ii//beach cross i//vacation bathroom i//stroll through the casino ii//love actually iii (mirror)//vacation bathroom ii//beach cross ii//xmas bball iii//vacation bathroom iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 26: wicker bike i//rush induction montage i//frank on deflated air mattress i//sunset driving i//wicker bike ii//sunset driving ii//frank on deflated air mattress ii//rush induction montage ii//frank on deflated air mattress iii//sunset driving iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 27: pizza box in a shopping cart i//driving i//pizza box in a shopping cart ii//200 floors i//frisbee with frank i//200 floors ii//frisbee with frank ii//200 floors iii//frisbee with frank iii//driving ii /// LINK->DECEMBER 28: banging rust out of white metal i//rotting pumpkin and boy statue i//show nuts i//the night street i//banging rust out of white metal ii//rotting pumpkin and boy statue ii//the night street ii//banging rust out of white metal iii//xmas tree doll i//show nuts ii//the night street iii//xmas tree doll ii//show nuts iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 29: cat hat (in a tree) i//fire//cat hat (in a tree) ii//brick church i//driving in rain i//brick church ii//cat hat (in a tree) iii//driving in rain ii//fire ii//driving in rain iii//brick church iii//fire iii//brick curch iv//fire iv /// LINK->DECEMBER 30: darling clementines i//the passing woods i//7/11 i//small plane in the distance i//american flag and streetlight//7/11 ii//darling clementines ii//the passing woods ii//paper dispenser i->gentlemen//new apartment i->kota i//small plane in the distance ii//new apartment ii (outside)//kota ii//new apartment iii (outside)//new apartment iv//7/11 iii /// LINK->DECEMBER 31: door stopper fingering i//nye fire i//millstone and neshanic i//bottle king line i//construction zone i//millstone and neshanic ii//nye fire ii (ember light)///millstone and neshanic iii//bottle king line ii///millstone and neshanic iv//bottle king line iii//construction zone ii//door stopper fingering ii//nye fire iii (ember light) ///NOV 2013: LINK->NOVEMBER 1: road sign (slow dwn use caution)//blue and pink sky//church at dusk i//red leaves->red door//wild geese (chaos) i//deer//wild geese (chaos) ii//church at dusk ii//hanging skeleton//wild geese at dusk (chaos) /// LINK->NOVEMBER 2: frank eating something (deer poop?) i//guy mowing his yard i//mercedes//cat//grocery store chinese food buffet//guy mowing his yard ii//frank eating something (deer poop?) ii//red foot//small plane//pretty clouds//big band dance ramp access//pretty pink clouds//hanging ghost /// LINK->NOVEMBER 3: public bathroom//sunset behind chainlink fence i//dead leaves->house//public bathroom spider i//sunset behind chainlink fence ii//hole//enter if you dare//orange leaves and sun//fire's out//sun//tree balls//public bathroom spider ii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 4: frank in yard//incognito i//driving at night i//incognito ii//driving at night ii//spitting//driving at night iii//sportscenter on stairmaster//driving at night iv /// LINK->NOVEMBER 5: francesa i//praying mantis on brick i//at wawa i//trash bags at night i//francesa ii//praying mantis on brick ii//bean bag game on curb//trash bags at night ii//driving//at wawa ii//white fence at night /// LINK->NOVEMBER 6: driving view i//stephen a. smith i//bricks i//sun->tree plant i//stephen a. smith ii//tree plant ii->frank//parking lot//driving view ii//bricks ii->fireplace//stephen a. smith iii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 7: sunoco by day i//sunoco by night//sunoco by day ii//walking into frank's pizza i//crescent moon i//flush//new acer i//walking into frank's pizza ii//new acer ii//crescent moon ii//walking into frank's pizza iii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 8: driving in the fall i//kota i//kota and frank i//parking lot after dusk i//kota and frank ii//driving in the fall ii//kota and frank iii//parking lot after dusk ii->greenlight and moon /// LINK->NOVEMBER 9: couple walking dog i//vacuuming i//sun and contrail//vacuuming ii//west virginia yellow helmets//cowboy joe//kota//couple walking dog ii//small plane landing /// LINK->NOVEMBER 10: vulture i//giants game at bar i//asbury sunset i//vulture ii//frank in cat ball//cookman//giants game at bar ii//asbury sunset ii//vulture iii//wawa bathroom /// LINK->NOVEMBER 11: bananas//sunlight->frank peeing and kota rolling i//plane landing//frank peeing and kota rolling ii//wild turkeys i//driving under blue skies//killing a spider//wild turkeys ii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 12: november snow i//overcast sun i//driving//overcast sun ii//november snow ii//kota and frank on couch//november snow iii//glowing sing//november snow iv /// LINK->NOVEMBER 13: morning in the front yard//mike francesa i//opening the green drawer (aaa battery, clothespin and change)//mike francesa ii//knicks-hawks i//candle//knicks-hawks ii//mike frances iii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 14: woman walking toward wild turkies//garbage can//contrails i//deleting items in deleted items//frank with frisbee//sunset drive//church->contrails ii//sunset clouds//throwing in the towel /// LINK->NOVEMBER 15: frank sleeping//ladybug//ladybug on keyboard i//dash//ladybug on keyboard ii//windows xp//frank sleeping (awakening)//giant moon//rotting jacko'lantern//frank lick /// LINK->NOVEMBER 16: at the olive branch i//onsides kick//at the olive branch ii//new brunswick train station//train view i//new brunswick//train view ii//shadowy moon//train view iii//pissing in a pitch black portapotty /// LINK->NOVEMBER 17: blue word screensaver (dramaturgy)//walking in jc i//clock i//turnpike//clock ii//walking in jc ii//broncos-chiefs//walking in jc iii//clock iii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 18: driving//exiting the office i//fence at night i//symbol//fence at night ii//exiting the office ii//north star//red eye frank /// LINK->NOVEMBER 19: office ceiling//park view i//at wawa i//park view ii//at wawa ii//frank and kota eating i//at wawa iii//frank and kota eating ii//at wawa iv /// LINK->NOVEMBER 20: driving i//sidewalk bone//driving ii//neighbor dog i//frank doesn't like singing xmas tree i//neighbor dog ii//frank doesn't like singing xmas tree ii//rite aid customers//jogging at night /// LINK->NOVEMBER 21: man crossing the street//geese migration i//getting off the stairmaster i//dancing bear gif//getting off the stairmaster ii//geese migration ii//exiting the gym//geese migration iii//exiting the gym ii//geese migration iv /// LINK->NOVEMBER 22: singing christmas tree i//new condos behind the trees//airport lights//singing christmas tree ii//leaving rite aid i//singing christmas tree iii//guy on bike at corner//leaving rite aid ii (couple)//fire department connection /// LINK->NOVEMBER 23: cool blue house i//bridge over the delaware i//lean pockets box on the sidewalk//bridge over the delaware ii//highway overpass//landscaping truck//vulture in the sky//bridge over the delaware iii//cool blue house ii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 24: throwing in the towell//in line at dunkin i//parking lot clouds//driving by pretty clouds//in line at dunkin ii//dad art//frank on couch in ball//frank alert outside//in line at dunkin iii /// LINK->NOVEMBER 25: opening the fridge i//leftover eggplant i//colon website i//bathroom i (plant)//colon website ii//bathroom ii//leftover eggplant ii//opening the fridge ii//bathroom iii//johnny cash//bathroom iv (piss) /// LINK->NOVEMBER 26: frank sniffing a tree i//watching the evil dead at work i//bathroom vent//frank sniffing a tree ii//watching the evil dead at work ii//on a treadmill//frank in a ball//night traffic /// LINK->NOVEMBER 27: pizza place urinal i//march of the wooden soldiers i//trees i//candle//trees ii->street i//march of the wooden soldiers ii//pizza place urinal ii//march of the wooden soldiers iii//street ii->blue newspaper//march of the wooden soldiers iv /// LINK->NOVEMBER 28: kota chilling->mom cooking i//yolo pillow i//bathroom hand selfie//yolo pillow ii//bathroom beer//mom cooking ii->detroit-green bay//blinds /// LINK->NOVEMBER 29: two paintings i//christmas tree lighting i//newspaper machines i//in starbucks i//christmas tree lighting ii//in starbucks ii//two paintings ii//in starbucks iii//newspaper machines ii//church bells at night /// LINK->NOVEMBER 30: cat scurrying into the woods i//caddy hubcap on someone's lawn//cat scurrying into the woods ii//kids playing soccer//no skating//casey, libby and mommy//boardwalkOCT 2013: LINK->OCTOBER 1: in gridlock near exxon i//church->frank//frank pooping//in gridlock near exxon ii//tree carved in stone (illuminated at night)//demo//new gate i//fukt puter//"please pick up your dog's poop"//"mon ana"//new gate ii//decrepit house /// LINK->OCTOBER 2: spider->stinkbug->frank /// LINK->OCTOBER 3: waiting to get blood drawn i//frank returning frisbee//waiting to get blood drawn ii//post-blood//black squirrel /// LINK->OCTOBER 4: setting sun//helicopter i//basetball court//grocery store sushi//helicopter ii//small plane landing i//abandoned grocery cart//small plane landing ii//stairmaster//tiny leaves//car passes at dusk /// LINK->OCTOBER 5: crow on powerline i//spider eating a stinkbug//frank in the window//kittens and slaves//a giant pile of wine corks//frank at grandma's//college football betting//entering christmas tree shop//frank at gas station//crow on powerline ii /// LINK->OCTOBER 6: portapotty//misty mountain//annoying eagles fan//misty mountain ii//still cat//hey babe//street /// LINK->OCTOBER 7: backyard i//overcast parking lot ii//chilling on couch with frank//backyard ii//overcast parking lot ii//watching monday night football /// LINK->OCTOBER 8: leaf suspended in air by spider thread//walking frank//scenes from a red sky at night i//scenes from a red sky at night ii//scenes from a red sky at night iii//scenes from a red sky at night iv//scenes from a red sky at night v /// LINK->OCTOBER 9: frank playing frisbee i//extinguished fire i//driving by bus stop i//bathroom terminator->toilet//driving by bus stop ii//frank playing frisbee ii//pretty pink sky i//extinguished fire ii//driving by pretty pink sky//dark clouds//pretty pink sky i->billy joel /// LINK->OCTOBER 10: at the bar i//bathroom ads//at the bar ii//hand i//new brunswick mouse i//living room//new brunswick mouse ii//hand ii /// LINK->OCTOBER 11: rainy parking lot i//meat doughnut//friendly dog in the rain//rainy parking lot ii//my friends i//apples, pears and lemons//my friends ii->art//spider bite? /// LINK->OCTOBER 12: drawing an elephant i//cars passing//orange leaves//drawing an elephant ii//walking (my shoes)//curve (20mph)//inedible cherry tree /// LINK->OCTOBER 13: road reflector//frank and mountain goat kota i//white bunny in a lawn cage i//happy family//white bunny in a lawn cage ii//frank and mountain goat kota ii//squirrel//black and orange caterpillar /// LINK->OCTOBER 14: walking into burger king i//day moon i//glimmering sun (setting)//day moon ii//walking into burger king ii//stink bug on the spice rack i//driving by a pretty sky//walking into burger king iii//stink bug on the spice rack ii /// LINK->OCTOBER 15: driving under a day moon//retention pond water fountain i//chasing deer back into the woods i//plastic piss bottle//chasing deer back into the woods ii//retention pond water fountain ii->day moon//lady walking//cat on a rock at dusk//approaching the dollar tree//inside the dollar tree /// LINK->OCTOBER 16: deer party i//small plane flying//cyclist//deer party ii//deer party iii (street party)//deer party iv//lost dog "tasha"//deer party v//sportscenter on stairmaster//sliced meat in plastic /// LINK->OCTOBER 17: kota rolling on the lawn//doctor's office i (weird golf art)//pretty sky//frank in the window//kota and frank//doctor's office ii//driving//horse apple//man sitting alone in empty ampitheatre//spooky witch halloween decortation /// LINK->OCTOBER 18: atm ballin' i//driving under the sun i//frank and kota playing i//atm ballin' ii//driving at night//atm ballin' iii//driving at night ii//frank and kota playing ii//driving under the sun ii//watching the nlcs /// LINK->OCTOBER 19: green abandoned sink//running past animal heads i//sleeping magician on plane//grocery store employee//running past animal heads ii//automatic hotel shades i//running past animal heads iii//plane bathroom//automatic hotel shades ii//running past animal heads iv//automatic hotel shades iii//running past animal heads v /// LINK->OCTOBER 20: hotel morning view i//the vegas strip i//hotel morning view ii//hotel pool i//muslim lady in the hotel lobby//hotel pool ii->hotel night view//the vegas strip ii /// LINK->OCTOBER 21: red rocks canyon i//vegas//red rocks canyon ii//bellagio fountains i//mirage sportsbook tv (josh freeman)//bellagio fountains ii//red rocks canyon iii /// LINK->OCTOBER 22: driving home from the airport i//2 towels//driving home from the airport ii//2 stones from red rocks canyon//watching chopped /// LINK->OCTOBER 23: stone lion next to powerline//tree berries i//silver trash can i//basketball hoop//silver trash can ii//tree berries ii//giant lawn halloween decoration//the american flag//black and white cat crossing the street /// LINK->OCTOBER 24: backyard cat//walking the isles of rite aid with no purpose i//the parking lot at sunset i//driving at dusk i//walking into dunkin donuts i//walking the isles of rite aid with no purpose ii//the parking lot at sunset ii//walking into dunkin donuts ii//driving at dusk ii//the parking lot at dusk /// LINK->OCTOBER 25: woman standing on the corner//slow i//gulf//slow ii//basketball hoop at dusk i//construction site//basketball hoop at dusk ii//kids on sidewalk near field i//portapotty in a field//kids on sidewalk near field ii (portapotty #2)//orange leaves//kids on sidewalk near field iii /// LINK->OCTOBER 26: portapotty and graveyard//printer stuffed with leaves//bank street i//college football setup i//cyclist in reflector//college football setup ii//bank street ii//tree shrooms//caution construction entrance ahead//strawman in chair//tilled field//bank street iii//baby praying mantis /// LINK->OCTOBER 27: frank (ruferree) playing frisbee i//lost dog reward poster//rusty mailbox//frank (ruferree) playing frisbee ii//bike lane//pumpkinheads doing a handstand//squirrel i//spiderman balloon caught in a bush//squirrel ii//frank (ruferree) playing frisbee iii /// LINK->OCTOBER 28: dan deacon live i//the rite aid isles again i//animal collective live i//man walking his dog->pulling into ride aid i//chemtrails i//animal collective live ii//the rite aid isles again ii//chemtrails i//pulling into ride aid ii//dan deacon live ii /// LINK->OCTOBER 29: cop//guys in a hole i//strawman//glowing pumpkin//portapotty and construction site i//tree pumpkins//portapotty and construction site ii//strawman's party sign//guys in a hole ii//the road at night//night plane /// LINK->OCTOBER 30: walking frank i//mustachioed jackolantern i//kid walking i//tree and brick building//mustachioed jack o'lantern ii//gym view from the stairmaster i//kid walking ii//walking frank ii (blue pickup)//gym view from the stairmaster ii//walking frank iii//mustachioed jackolantern iii->mike woodson /// LINK->OCTOBER 31: wild turkeys crossing the street i//knicks-bulls i//bird on wire i//running by graveyard i//driving at night i//bird on wire ii//driving at night ii//wild turkeys crossing the street ii//knicks-bulls ii->mustachioed jack o'lantern//driving at night iii//running by graveyard iiSEP 2013: LINK->SEPTEMBER 1: modern home (purple column)//ballooons on the side of a busy road//river//fish decal on van//stick->marlboros//no idling zone//hands across the water /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 2: badass skull license plate holder//hoboken view of nyc i//cheap orange lei//hoboken view of nyc ii//trash pile at night /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 3: waiting to get a haircut i//red sky at night//waiting to get a haircut ii//big spider//waiting to get a haircut iii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 4: thumb cuticle blood//bright yellow crosswalk on an early autumn eve//inedible tree berries//weird thing squased on pavement//watching yankees game /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 5: driving by cows i//walking frank past my crazy neighbor who listens to rush limbaugh outside via his car stereo//pretty path//dale's pale ale->watching yankees-red sox//driving by cows ii//shadow i//water tower//shadow ii (wave) /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 6: frank//bike light i//pind bathroom//bike light ii//bathroom soundsystem//bike light iii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 7: red-orange door//beer->watching ru-norfolk//biking down street//clock tower//philly blimp//penn's landing fireworks /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 8: traffic barrier//inedible red berries i//ants caught in a web i//2 cars passing each other//ants caught in a web ii//inedible red berries ii//fanta zero /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 9: driving//beware of the dog (not the cat)//punk in neon orange//weird spider web i//breakfast i//weird inedible fruit//breakfast ii//weird spider web ii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 10: walking frank//squirrel i//furrow spider//squirrel ii//mouth//street hockey goal->playing with frank//sun behind the trees /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 11: bananas//2 birds on a wire i//W-30//2 birds on a wire ii//construction entrance//plane in the distance a pretty sky//green fire hydrant//the slave bench /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 12: lots of birds sitting on a powerline//at the gym//parked behind a red pickup as a thunderstorm rolls in//my russian neighbors//watching thursday night football//seaside fire on treadmill tv at gym /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 13: frank//majestic canary//driving at sunset//"beware of the dog" cat (again)//pretty flower//rabbit i//sun behind a telephone poll//driving at dusk//rabbit ii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 14: caution tape//yard sign i//bathroom bug i//pretty clouds at the wedding//bathroom bug ii//first dance//bathroom bug iii//yard sign ii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 15: hotel hallway//the manning brothers//the colossus by slyvia plath//room pan i//bathroom spider i//room pan ii//bathroom spider ii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 16: toilet paper//steak knife//dhf//walking into the gym i//beautiful clouds->red light i//walking into the gym ii//red light ii//handsoap /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 18: driving past the airport//new street//lawn cows i//plane overheard//lawn cows ii->turquoise shed//setting sun//yellow wildflowers//dog poop sign->sunset /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 19: vampire weekend i//blurry frank eyes//frank with frisbee->kota//vampire weekend ii//walking frank and kota//kota eating//vampire weekend iii->despicable me blimp /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 20: frank on pillow//sitting in car i//stairmaster//sitting in car//self choking angel//waiting at a red i//parking lot i//waiting at a red ii->green//parking lot ii->streetlight /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 21: pretty clouds i//bowling tournament i//pretty clouds ii//bowling bathroom i//pretty clouds iii//bowling tournament ii//living room->kota sleeping//pretty clouds iv /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 22: stink bug upside down i//frank->kota//watching colts-niners//stink bug upside down ii//my shadow//bakery case//watching karate kid part iii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 23: black squirrel//deer crossing the road i//cooler spider i//tree spider i//701 mt. lucas road//tree spider ii//cooler spider ii//deer crossing the road ii//gates closing//parking lot//bob's burgers in the reflection of the front door /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 24: wall ant i//low winter sun//beetle//frank and kota eating//wall ant ii//ben and jerry's->kota//wall ant iii//pink flag->rock//wall ant iv//low winter sun over the path /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 25: candle->listening to the wanderer//3 lights//matchstick flush//wall spider i//peelander-z webcast i//wall spider ii//room pan//peelander-z webcast ii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 26: angry guy on his cellphone standing under a tree//writing "good job" on a steamy mirror with a q-tip® i//golden retriever off the leash//helicopter//writing "good job" on a steamy mirror with a q-tip® ii//yosemite sam fan art//small plane taking off//behind a jeep at dusk /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 27: driving into dc i//drinking sam adams octoberfest//frank->tess//driving into dc ii//hotel view (night)//driving into dc iii /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 28: frank->tess i//lilly b-day i//kota and frank->b-day party//lilly b-day ii//rip kurt//the joshua tree//tess ii//chilling in living room//taking out the garbage /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 29: 95 accident i//water fountain//95 accident ii//sleepy tess//95 accident iii//frank on hotel bed->hotel view (day) /// LINK->SEPTEMBER 30: cruising on 206 i//awkward 206 turnaround i//buying lots of yogurt//awkward 206 turnaround ii//beautiful cornfield i//cruising on 206 ii//beautiful cornfield ii//awkward 206 turnaround ii//69¢ table talk cherry pieAUG 2013: LINK->AUGUST 1: viking flag//brown water river//train tracks//office chair->trash container//cows in the rain//overgrown path /// LINK->AUGUST 2: morning sun behind powerlines i//broken overhang traffic display//lake//morning sun behind powerlines ii//empty bottle in a bathroom stall//stone art formation//nike sneaker tied to a telephone pole//a man crossing the street in boston as viewed from my hotel window//beck discussing his song reader project as viewed from the venue tv above a concessions stand /// LINK->AUGUST 3: amazing rainbow//plane flying over fargo st.//cruiseship//abandoned building marked for deletion//watermelons->mangos//car wrapped in saran wrap with vaguely offensive messages drawn on it//boston skyline//pissing by a pretty brook//driving in maine /// LINK->AUGUST 4: acadia view i//horses i//acadia view ii//acadia waterfall i//northeast harbor little league field//acadia view iii//acadia waterfall ii//horses ii//the bubbles at acadia /// LINK->AUGUST 5: northeast harbor harbor//tennis brother//phish live on tv//northeast harbor harbor ii//walking frank and kota//white tree//dolphin faucet//lobsters /// LINK->AUGUST 6: view from cadillac mountain i//wildflowers//view from cadillac mountain ii//weird window art//northeast harbor harbor//view from cadillac mountain iii//view from ascending cadillac mountain i//tourists on cadillac mountain//view from ascending cadillac mountain ii//view from cadillac mountain iii//lighthouse inn//cadillac mountain signpost /// LINK->AUGUST 7: seal harbor tide i//maine house living room i//chemtrails over seal harbor//seal harbor swingset//maine house living room ii//seal harbor tide ii//mckay's//route 66 taxi//light in the distance at night /// LINK->AUGUST 8: acadia gift shop video i//broken tree and moss//lower hadlock pond i//dogs on bridge//lower hadlock pond ii//acadia gift shop video ii//mossy forest//bridge around lower hadlock pond i//creek->bridge around lower hadlock pond ii /// LINK->AUGUST 9: remote control for fireplace i//maine house bedroom view//lobsters i//green light at night i//porcupine islands i//giant lobsters pots and chef//porcupine islands ii//green light at night ii//lobsters ii//bar harbor dock view//remote control for fireplace ii /// LINK->AUGUST 10: wild white bunny i//journeys end lane//wild white bunny ii//satanic blue car i//broken tree//wolf services inc.//satanic blue car ii//wild white bunny iii//shaky neighbors//wild white bunny iv /// LINK->AUGUST 11: turtles i//george takei on sunday morning//red reflector//turtles ii//manmade waterfall//dead bird//fishermen viewed from a bridge//frank//turtles iii /// LINK->AUGUST 12: cat lying on the hood of a car//basketball hoop #1//basketball hoop #2//orange ball rolling down a driveway i//basketball hoop #3//orange ball rolling down a driveway ii//basketball hoop #4//babbling brook//basketball hoop #5//orange ball rolling down a driveway iii /// LINK->AUGUST 13: bathroom bug i//jolly ranchers//dead racoon//811▲//moldy rock->mushroom//sunset over skatepark//bathroom bug ii//dog hair and cherry pits and stems being flushed down the toilet /// LINK->AUGUST 14: tiny american flag in front of a house i//the instagram gates i//tiny american flag in front of a house ii//deer in the distance//letting frank lick the empty ben and jerry's i//walking in mcmansionville//the instagram gates ii//letting frank lick the empty ben and jerry's ii /// LINK->AUGUST 15: frank chilling on bed i//religious statue looking up at another religious statue//day moon//bump//frank chilling on bed ii//church silouette//barn//pretty clouds//graveyard//frank chilling on bed iii /// LINK->AUGUST 16: cooking an egg thing//new hope fireworks//frank peeing with frisbee in his mouth//small plane//white furry caterpillar i//handicapped parking sign->gazebo//fake bathroom flower->pee//white furry caterpillar ii /// LINK->AUGUST 17: cleaning living room (frank hair)//poo caterpillar i//purple flower//poo caterpillar ii//bathroom band flyer//plastic blue glass and candle (2:22am) /// LINK->AUGUST 18: diseased tree i//jersey city gazebo//jersey street corner (religious statue)//diseased tree ii//nyc skyling//diseased tree iii//running water /// LINK->AUGUST 19: half-dead bug//pouring honey on yogurt//cornfield//fake plant i//abandoned car in the woods i//mountain bike path//garageband recording//fake plant ii->warhol frank pics//abandoned car in the woods ii /// LINK->AUGUST 21: lip medicine//baby deer i//still brook//sun setting over wildflowers//diet soda in a shopping center//baby deer ii//tusk//back brook//sun setting over white fence//baby deer iii//fading white barn /// LINK->AUGUST 22: frank frisbee i//suckling a plum pit//the smithereens on wfan i//frank frisbee ii//shaky construction//2 broken tvs//bathroom e cig//dead cicada with ants//the smithereens on wfan ii//frank frisbee iii /// LINK->AUGUST 23: walking down my street//over a bridge i//blue bench//rusty pole sticking out of an orange cone next to a manhole//squirrel//over a bridge ii//murky brown water /// LINK->AUGUST 24: frank chewing frisbee//320//beautiful sunlight//walking at night//stupid tv show intro /// LINK->AUGUST 25: knocked over recyling can//mama deer and 2 babies//green stone lion//tree stump//beautiful sky at dusk /// LINK->AUGUST 26: dilapidated lawn//rusty circular thing//fancy house//cool tree//cool sky i//newly painted church sign->church sheet music//tree swing//blue foam light//cool sky ii /// LINK->AUGUST 27: miley at the vma's i//at a traffic light i//frank sleeping on the bed i//miley at the vma's ii//frank sleeping on the bed ii//at a traffic light ii//frank sleeping on the bed iii /// LINK->AUGUST 28: awaiting judgement i//bugspray in the backyard//awaiting judgement ii//spiderweb /// LINK->AUGUST 29: frank with frisbee i//big spider//classic hats//frank with frisbee ii//rutgers vs fresno state//candle//frank with frisbee iii /// LINK->AUGUST 30: frank chilling under a pillow//driving by car dealership i//air conditioner->ceiling fan//driving by car dealership ii//coupon magazine//the fancy cheese section /// LINK->AUGUST 31: asbury park beach i//the wonder bar i//asbury park wedding//ween forum//the wonder bar ii//asbury park beach iiJUL 2013: LINK->JULY 1: frank in the rain i//"sale"//frank in the rain ii//banana peel->beamer//driveway//trespassing (no trespassing) /// LINK->JULY 2: graveyard i//white horse i//ant//wheel thing//white horse ii//vultures hovering over the strip mall//retention pond i//frank with laser eyes//rusty sculture thing//retention pond ii//graveyard ii /// LINK->JULY 3: crosswalk//sunning turtles//fireworks i//crack ants swarm//park stage//field and bridge at dusk//dog-shaped shoe cleaner//frank with frisbee on baseball field under dark skies//dark skies over a honda dealership//fireworks ii /// LINK->JULY 4: asbury boardwalk//johnny mac's bathroom//hotel beach view//cornhole//damaged beach building//ad plane//fireworks//king kong eating a hot dog /// LINK->JULY 5: ad plane at beach i//american flag//sidewalk watermelon//loch harbour beach//tree-lined street//ad plane at beach ii /// LINK->JULY 6: driving past water//mannasquan reservoir trees//chemtrails over country farm//a gaggle of dead eels//ad plane over lifeguards//bradley beach//biking through the asbury casino /// LINK->JULY 7: jacob's ladder stuck in a telephone pole i//empty soccer field//walking out of a walgreen's bathroom//jacob's ladder stuck in a telephone pole ii->hot sun//uprooted tree//your speed /// LINK->JULY 8: natural light santa i//faded blue sidewalk man art//dig//natural light santa ii//discarded wire//power-lines//no outlet /// LINK->JULY 9: sun behind the clouds//caterpillar (machine)//small american flag in potted plant//water tower #1//church//5 rocks//water tower #2//frank eating dinner /// LINK->JULY 10: small american flag across the street from a barn waving in the wind i//dead end//pizza box litter i//no hunting//kids playing basketball//birds in the sky//flowers//small american flag across the street from a barn waving in the wind ii//pizza box litter ii /// LINK->JULY 11: shogun 27 hibachi steak house//overturned shopping cart//mcdonald's litter//open flag//google street view//do not enter//liquor store (vingo) i//google maps run planning//liquor store (vingo) ii /// LINK->JULY 12: martin luther statue//dc roof view i//highway accident//watching garden state i//dc streets//watching garden state ii//dc roof view ii /// LINK->JULY 13: zoo run//phish clouds i//rainbow//phish clouds ii//walking in dc//mini-horses /// LINK->JULY 14: dc building + blue skies//buses only (shark sign)//panting frank i//walking in the sun//partially deflated kiddie pool//american flagpole//green fire hydrant//marshland//frank and wags napping//panting frank ii /// LINK->JULY 15: decaying horseshoe crab//wildflowers//cool wood house//broken column masonic riders assn//river run i//shipwreck i//river run ii//powerlines + setting sun//shipwreck ii /// LINK->JULY 16: outside lowes//kohls//firewood sale//grafton house//spilt bucket of softballs//cornfield i//enchantment//broken telephone pole//ivy powerline//cornfield ii /// LINK->JULY 17: powerlines//shark river i//fisherman with a pipe lawn ornament//tfh//shark river ii//frank napping//shitty house//frank napping ii /// LINK->JULY 18: kota, wags and frank i//cicada shell i//antique shop//shore bridge//kota, wags and frank ii//cicada shell ii//shark river//buying gold diamonds//old tv on the street//avon boardwalk//orange moon /// LINK->JULY 19: wawa sub wrapper (american beauty version)//church spire//shark river//wags and frank i//broken pier//old couple at beach//the ocean//shark river marina//wags and frank ii//dog beach /// LINK->JULY 20: frank humping wags//guster on sidestage//princeton football stadium i//ivy league->sculpture//pnc bank arts center//princeton football stadium ii//run overpass//ben folds five /// LINK->JULY 21: frank watching tv i//how are you//frisbee with frank and kota at ballfield i//wood//bark//frank watching tv ii//frisbee with frank and kota at ballfield ii//robinson cano//baby rabbit /// LINK->JULY 22: drive-time nano cam i//angel statue//lady in an orange poncho//drive-time nano cam ii//rainy dock i//corner of shady brook and poe//bathroom sink//rainy dock ii /// LINK->JULY 23: frank at 'bark in the park' night//orange cone with a stick in it i//frank and kota eating doggie ice cream at 'bark in the park' night i//suburban shipwreck//ballpark snack #1//no tresspassing (violators will be prosecuted)//frank and kota eating doggie ice cream at 'bark in the park' night ii//orange cone with a stick in it ii//ballpark snack #2//pretty clouds beyond the ballpark /// LINK->JULY 24: apple//sun behind powerlines//pretty yellow flower path i//crushed modelo can//pretty yellow flower path ii//green flag and spraypainted grass//cat sleeping on top of a bmw//black cat missing /// LINK->JULY 25: willows//mother mary//tiny plane i//cop pulling someone over//grass (bunny escaping) i//tiny plane ii//grass (bunny escaping) ii//target//kota sleeping /// LINK->JULY 26: rising sun//construction site//lost baby doll//cabin in the woods i//woodland creek i//campfire party i//fly fishing//woodland creek ii->dan taking a picture//fly fishing ii//cabin in the woods ii->portable disc golf basket//campfire party ii /// LINK->JULY 27: weatherly pa train station i//woodland lake//walking to see the fish//weatherly pa train station ii//fake owl//little trout//plane hangar /// LINK->JULY 28: robin on a street sign//rainy pennsylvania town//driving by an accident i//stone frog//retention pond//driving by an accident ii//squirrel eating an apple i//dead dragonfly//all saints rd//pretty flowers//squirrel eating an apple ii//driving by an accident iii /// LINK->JULY 29: bathroom spider i//kids playing ball//blue house i//bathroom spider ii->meta//helicopter i//bus stop//newport cigarette litter//blue house ii//helicopter ii /// LINK->JULY 30: bird on wire i//frank and kota playing i//new house construction//frank and kota playing ii//trevenna farm//bird on wire ii//hay bales i//blawenburg cemetery//2 trucks and deer i//bridge view of a river//hay bales ii//2 trucks and deer ii /// LINK->JULY 31: rusty tunnel i//metal tiger//golf course//rusty tunnel ii//princeton sunset//rusty tunnel iii//detour sign//rusty tunnel iv//mushroom JUN 2013: LINK->JUNE 1: frank//ants on gummy bears//surprise i//hummus turtle feeding (baby)//surprise ii//stinkbug-church spire mashup /// LINK->JUNE 2: turtle i//fried rice//OJ->fan//junk sale fly-by i//northern lights//turtle ii//old house//frank//junk sale fly-by ii//bird /// LINK->JUNE 3: field pan i//eveezi lyrics//field pan ii//no coffee//eagle-clawing-orb necklace//music video//basketball court//jumping//rabbit /// LINK->JUNE 4: listerine//skeleton drawing//odd boog i//pretty flowers shower view//odd bood ii//desk drawer//join.me//ice pack//yanks /// LINK->JUNE 5: listi on mckenna, sped-up//frank frisbee session i//lysol//driving past the airport i//stationary bike display//driving past the airport ii//frank frisbee session ii//"writer's block"//flickr//cherry coke zero//frank frisbee session iii /// LINK->JUNE 6: frank in cat pose i//sweats//mouth i//bell peppers i//mouth ii//frank in cat pose ii//corn chips//overcast//bell peppers ii /// LINK->JUNE 7: tony parker's amazing play//vitamins//health store confidential i//blurry candle///health store confidential ii//non-blurry candle///health store confidential iii /// LINK->JUNE 8: stoic frank transfixed i//mic i//frank w/ frisbee//overcast//room pan//frank frisbee run i//abandoned shopping cart//pretty night sky i//mic ii//frank frisbee run ii//pretty night sky ii//stoic frank transfixed ii /// LINK->JUNE 9: flowers by the window//twitter bird//toothbrushes (for art)//a single extinguished match put back in matchbook (still wet)//bike ride (fast-motion)//flowers->listerine//bike ride (faster-motion)//peeping on james franco through a burnt hole (art) /// LINK->JUNE 10: running on empty//hitler in drag//driving in the rain//sleeping frank->laptop//weights and toy xylophone->listerine purge (fast-motion)//pacino /// LINK->JUNE 11: breakfast bar//big gulp//toilet//successful wager (not successful)//stairmaster//skip and stephen a//beautiful sky//to lady liberty's ear//neighbors /// LINK->JUNE 12: busstop in front of sunoco//lunch//walking into the gym i//frank sets up to poop//blue cloudless sky with sun//rush limbaugh//walking into the gym ii//tree in the breeze//piece of a car /// LINK->JUNE 13: spider i//recorder on top of an empty makeshift dry-erase calendar//frank licking empty ice cream//led watch//spider ii//golf on gym stairs//dark skies over burger king//spider iii//piece of a car (again)//dinner//hermione w/ punk haircut and satanic chest tattoo//spider iv /// LINK->JUNE 14: frank licking cashew butter jar i//odd family portrait on the ground//kindergarten//frank licking cashew butter jar ii//chilling at rents//uphill kota walk i//retirement party i//uphill kota walk ii//retirement party ii /// LINK->JUNE 15: frank frisbee//man #1//piano key skin indentation//bistro bathroom i//man #2//burroughs books//at the froyo place//man #3 (mailman)//kota and frank in backseat//bistro bathroom ii /// LINK->JUNE 16: church spire and rooster weathervane//video of a video of a drawing//car feet up->"work area ahead"//father's day brunch (lilly)//brunch bathroom//jersey city//hamilton park (dyl)//new twc (beautiful dusk)//magic drink (made in america)//turnpike at dusk /// LINK->JUNE 17: sun behind the trees//frog i//giant cloud behind the trees//kick drum pedal//blurry tv (american restoration)//frog ii//calm dog on lawn//frog iii /// LINK->JUNE 18: morning scribbles//doctor's office (exterior)//army man and other junk//"stop"//wet parking lot//discarded chaptstick//empty pill bottles /// LINK->JUNE 19: fake piano//quantum//cuticle i//passing cars//cuticle ii//frank on bed /// LINK->JUNE 20: fake piano//quantum//cuticle i//passing cars//cuticle ii//frank on bed /// LINK->JUNE 21: car banana//lyric book//instagram frank i//blueberry muffin//seinfeld//instagram frank ii//water pour-out /// LINK->JUNE 22: chalk words//turnpike sunset//produce pete//orange flower i//strangers with small dog//old drain//orange flower ii//supermoon /// LINK->JUNE 23: lazy frank//rainbow i//john f. hoff 3//rainbow ii//stop sign//crosswalk ahead sign//nomadic cyclist//empty seltzer can spinning via fan /// LINK->JUNE 24: strange smoke//side mirror spider//the woods//laptop//recipe girl /// LINK->JUNE 25: timequake//quarry//john baldessari bathroom iphone//gopher//reflectors//sunset /// LINK->JUNE 26: portapotty//plane landing//castle golf//regal entrance//"8.5"//styrofoam trash in front of a mansion//pile of black garbage bags//white square//sunset//rabbit /// LINK->JUNE 27: spider under glass i//roadwork i//driving thru thunderstorm//roadwork ii//my room (just xmas lights)//spider under glass ii//sushi palace /// LINK->JUNE 28: mic setup->ac//no skating//metal things//charging and glowing//broken sunglasses//small plane//uprooted tree /// LINK->JUNE 29: nyc streets i//on the train//frank on pillow//new wtc i//new wtc ii//nyc streets ii//plane overhead//rainbow empire state building /// LINK->JUNE 30: sleeping cat//watching nyc walk on laptop//burbs house//mating bluejays i//industrial things in nature//mating bluejays ii//orange thing//horse photo->tupac painting